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Terry Rowles, my 7yr old grandson ollie is over the moon with this cracking 5lb carp from our 3rd visit to the lake,
He has just started fishing so this was a great boost to his confidence ,now
he wants to go back and catch the one that snapped him up,,great fishery and well looked after by Jon.


Laura Paine

Daniel Thomas, 16.6lb common caught 30/05/2020 and 8.6lb grass carp caught on the 30/05/2020


Ian Rushworth

caught this Grass Carp on Horseshoe Lake -16/06/2020

Weighing in at a nice 18lb 4oz.

Ian Rushworth
Grass Carp today (18/03/2020)
Weighing in at 16lb 10oz on Horseshoe Lake.
It was caught on 15mm Manilla Sticky boilie with a piece of fake corn.
Ended another great day having bagged 3 at 11lb and 3 at 13lb



 All were caught on sweetcorn or bread flake and in the end I had 10 carp (plus smashed three times)
which went from 4lb to 7lb, one bream and lots of roach with several going between the 3/4 to one pound weight.

John Osborne

Graham Chandler, Had this one out of horseshoe on 10mm tutti fruity..

Somewhat surprised to catch a perch at Horseshoe on ledgered dog biscuit. Only weighed about a pound, but still.......

    Peter White Martlesham Heath

Quick trip down to horseshoe this morning. Aim was to catch a few carp on paste. Fished paste over pellet at 6m. It started with iffy bites from silver's but the carp turned up after about 15mins. They would not however stay around for long. And when the sun came out it got harder. Anyway Jon popped along for a chat and to photograph the fish (carp in the keepnet by special permission). 15 carp up to 5lb and about 10lb of silvers. Nice day out.

Ed Simmonds 15 lb


Mo with Darthvada 11.1/2 lb from back of the island and William Fenton and his 6lb ghost koi of Willow

Mick Whiley, 10b weighed it with Maurice, aso a 9lb mirror carp after it but just photo on floor as on my own. Still there and catching 


Carl Hawes 12lb grass carp I caught this morning off the surface

 Tunde and Alan.  We would like to thank you for the lovely opportunities we had so far at Bromeswell Fishing Lakes. We fished there on the 10th of September, 14 and 15th of October. It is a fantastic venue specially because I have never done carp fishing before these 3 dates. Between 2 of us we had 10 fish out of the lake and we lost about 7.  point was today when we had a double take what we thought it is near to impossible to have a fish each at the same time.  Kind Regards and Thank You Again Tunde and Alan

Joe n Charlie, nice one, start em young.

Cleared and remade swims

New pb off the surface weighed in at 13lb 1oz.

Russell Warren


Mark Wiseman
30th March 2017

Graham Timson caught this Ghost Carp 9 1/2 lb in the margins under the overhanging tree on swim 10 using Pineapple boilie,
 this was one of 2 fish, the other not shown was a 4 lb Common Carp.

Josh Barbers, 3 lb perch with prawns outside reeds, and a nice 1 lb tench with 4 bits of sweet corn


9lb ghost koi caught on caught on the bottom on pineapple boily.   10 lb common carp both caught on 26/07/16


Had a couple of fantastic days fishing, here are a few pictures
Keith Gibson

caught : 5th July, common carp, around 7lb
Caught on : dog biscuit off the surface, Horseshoe .

Dave Street, 13lb 6oz common carp. Best of a seventeen fish day.

David Street, 16lb linear mirror on dog biscuit with no 18 elastic and size twelve hook. I like it here 😀
Picture 2, a greedy skimmer on an 18mm pellet! eyes a bit bigger than its mouth.....

Richard Pilgrim, 7lb 11oz common on biscuit.

This 6.5lb beauty was caught by Harry Smart on the Willow lake using floating crust.
Great day with a good mixed bag of fish.

Josh Barber caught this lovely 1lb tench just in the reeds with 5 sweet corn 🐠🐟


15lb common carp caught in horseshoe lake on 30 Aug 2015
new pb for Kevin Baggott

New pb for Esti Eaves fishing horseshoe, a lovely 9lb 6oz common carp caught on sweet corn 30 Aug 2015

Dave Street, 9lb 4oz common from horseshoe.


Charlie Groves, 07/08/15 1lb14oz perch on peg 19, Horseshoe, using method feeder with sweetcorn for hook bait.
Who would have guessed perch like sweetcorn or might have been just luck. Plus 5lb ghost carp on floating crust.

Chris caught this ghost carp called patch on horseshoe lake 4/8/15 it was a lovely fish with great colours

Harry caught this lovely mirror, a great fish and Chris caught this common carp, both on willow, a very nice fish.


P White, Martlesham.
On 14 July my brother Ian visited from Kent for a couple of days at Bromeswell. Only one fish on the first day, but as that was a 27 1/4 lb common, he wasn't too disappointed!
Read the rest on the Guest Page.....

Chris Nash.
Picture 1, 23 June 2015 common carp caught on - Horseshoe Bait used - pellets, 5 pounds
Picture 2,

Thomas Evans . Date caught : 14th June 2015
Caught on : Willow
Bait/tackle used, 5m whip pole using luncheon meat.
Weight : no scales so unsure but would guess about 1.5 pounds .
Species : Rudd.


Chris Nash -
Date caught : 6th June 2015 Weight : no scales but would guess around 8 pounds !
Lake : caught on willow lake on surface ! .

Harry caught this beautiful fish on just a bit of bread next to the reeds,
he spotted lots of other fish including a lovely ghost, 30/5/15

Jim's first time fishing at Bromeswell lakes on the 28/05/15, caught this lovely Ghost Koi
on horseshoe lake with a nice chunk of spicy luncheon meat, no weight as scale's weren't working, but would like to know if anyone could make an educated guess for me, cheers.


Our super keen young anglers, Harry and Josh at it again
with a nice mirror carp, caught on bread,
"took us into the reeds but we got it in the end it was a beautiful fish" :-)


Harry caught this common carp on a piece of bread, 7lb but put up a big fight ,wasn't catching much at first but caught this bad boy and I was thrilled, willow lake,17/5/25

Harry aged 13 and Josh aged 11 caught this 6lb common carp
1st fish of the day in Willow on the 02/05/2015

This was caught on a pva mesh bag tight to the far margin. With a balanced white pop up. 
11lb 3oz. 11/04/2015

This 15lb 4oz.Common.was the biggest of 7 landed in a  three & half  hours but I still missed 3 more.........

The only known Greater Sleeper fish in Suffolk


Common carp banked this morning. I was after some of the better roach & had changed to a single piece of corn in an effort to get through the small fish. Needless to say, on a float set-up & centre pin loaded with 4lb line it gave a good account of itself! No idea what she weighed, I had scales with me that I use for chub fishing & they banged down at their limit of 12lbs. Looking at the scale pattern on its right shoulder & upper flank & comparing it to shots on your gallery, I believe it may be a mid-double thatís been banked before by Nigel Crowley & Dan Johnston. See what you think.
Mark Brewster Licensed Coach Gipping Valley AC & Suffolk County AAA

I came fishing at your lakes with my granddad, Bob Wallis, on Monday 1st September.
I caught a Carp that was 6lbs and is the biggest fish I have ever caught.
I am not sure which lake I was fishing (Willow) on but I caught it using sweetcorn as bait.
My name is Emily Hewitt and I am 11 years old.

8 lbs 3oz carp
Caught on dog biscuits on top at Lilly pads
Caught by Alec Smith on 30th may 2014



luke sismore

Pic 1 Had another good trip yesterday in very hot weather.
The fish came on the feed during the evening
which is when I got my first double out of the lake a cracking 10lb Ghost carp off the bottom on boilie.

Pic 2 Although having 1 eye, this was the best looking fish of my afternoon
 to late evening session, peg 12. Weighing 5lb. This was one of 5 carp and 1 tench caught.
All the same sort of weight biggest was 6lb. Great fishing!



                 A beautiful November Saturday last weekend. Matt Denton.                Part of Gary's winning bag

Students from Stoke High School Orminston Academy, see Guest Page for details.


  Rhys Watkins age 13'      Jessie Davies also age 13       Hayden Thornhill age 13'

Nigel Crowley's 14.5lb.....nice

Tj Fellows caught this 12lbs common carp on horse shoe

Some of EACoE's young anglers, see notice board for Colin's report


E.A.C.o.E.'s courses at Willow, (see notice board)


Luke Randall - 22/06/13 - 13.10lbs + 9lbs.

Adam Gotts 7lb mirror carp and an 8lb golden carp. 23/06/2013

Karen Jordan 4th May (Horseshoe)

Grass Carp caught by David Betts

Two of the 4 carp caught in half an hour by Michael Evans Saturday 16th Feb

Dan Johnston's 14lb 7oz common, 17/02/2013

Karen Jordan 9lb + last summer

First ever Carp for Ben Hembling (10 years old),


Luke Garwood's 7 year old daughter's first carp/s

Arron  with a 15lb 8oz  Common

Some pictures of Colin Booker with some very happy young anglers on
Suffolk Coastal District Council Fishing Course Summer 2012.



Adam and Luke Gotts 9lb ghost carp on the 23rd june.

Some of Adam Shelcot's haul, see Guest Page for details

Nice one Maurice

Paul Woods with his 14lb common

Colin Booker and Mark Brewster with some of the SCC funded fishing course


Some more of Bob's catch on another day, ghost is particularly nice and weighed in at 4lb 12oz. The larger carp was 5lb 13oz. Took an age to get it in the net!

A few of the diverse fish caught by Bob Duarte part of a 30+ catch, see Guest Page


Steve Osborne's 9LB Koi Carp Caught 2nd November Horeshoe Lake on Halibut Pellet

Some of the pictures from the previous Picture page, we hope you will send us more of your best catch.....           






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